Partner on Premise:This program manages resources as an extension of your HR department, can serve as your HR department and/or can be a support to your production supervisors. CSS will relieve your staff of the tedious task of coordinating staffing resources allowing them to focus on core business activities while contributing to meeting your production goals. Not all Partner on Premise programs are created equal, as they say. The key to a successful Partner on Premise program depends upon open communication, allowing us to understand your challenges and implement a successful solution.

Attendance Programs:  We realize that problem attendance can have a devastating effect on the efficiency of your business and in some instances can negatively impact your relationship with clients, your employees and can even put production behind schedule. We certainly can’t guarantee perfect attendance but our programs can effectively address the “no notice” departures and reward for perfect attendance without increasing rates to our customers. In some cases, our customers have experienced considerable cost savings over other staffing service rates. For us to determine your solution, we first need to understand your specific challenge.

Automated Timekeeping: This can be used in conjunction with other programs we offer or can be a standalone solution. Payroll and timekeeping has been known to be a time-consuming and daunting weekly task. Our Automated Timekeeping system relieves a majority of the tasks involved and, in some instances, can be linked into other systems for downloading purposes. It has assisted with the analysis required for labor costing and improving production capabilities. On a much more remedial level it eliminates the ability for “Ghost Punching” ensuring your invoices are correct. An evaluation will help us determine if this solution makes sense for you.

Customized Screening: Because screening needs are different for every company and sometimes every position, we will establish a customized skill assessment that will match your company’s requirements for hire. Our screening process can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Interview (general or customized)
  • Job related testing
  • Dexterity testing
  • Wonderlick testing
  • 5 and 10 panel drug testing
  • Math/ruler testing
  • Computer skills testing
  • Social Security verification
  • Background / Reference checks
  • DOT check/verification

We can also establish a process to tour your facility with potential applicants to see the actual work before starting an assignment.

Transportation: Sometimes the solution is bridging the gap.  For those clients that have volume staffing needs and for our employees that don’t have the means to get to outlying areas, we offer transportation.  Our vans and buses run 7 days a week and 24 hours per day, giving us the ability to service clients that are outside the reach of the public transportation services.  So, if you see a gap that needs to be bridged, let us help determine if our transportation option is the solution.

We can also establish a process to tour your facility with potential applicants to see the actual work before starting an assignment.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Single Source On Site
  • Day labor
  • Management
  • Long Term Temporary
  • Project based Staffing
  • Temp or Direct to Hire